Packet Microwave


Horizon Quantum

Split-mount system that delivers 2-4 Gbps per link in the 6-38 GHz licensed spectrum range. The small ½ rack indoor unit supports intelligent nodal switching with 8 GbE ports.


Horizon Compact+

Takes all-outdoor to a new level with 1-2 Gbps capacity, the highest of any all-outdoor microwave system, operating in 6-60 GHz spectrum.


Harmony Enhanced

A next-generation compact, all-outdoor ultra-high capacity microwave system , operating in 6-42 GHz spectrum.


Harmony Enhanced MC

A zero footprint, multi-carrier system that doubles the capacity available in a single ODU, operating in 6-42 GHz spectrum.


Harmony Eband

Compact all-outdoor radio that delivers 2.6 Gbps in the 70-80 GHz spectrum that provides a good alternative to other more congested microwave frequencies for path distances up to 8 kilometers.