Harmony Eband

4G – Ready Packet Microwave Eband Radio

harmony-ebandDragonWave® Harmony Eband is the industry’s first 70/80 GHz, multipurpose platform designed to address both fronthaul and backhaul applications.  A compact, all-outdoor radio that delivers single carrier native 2.6 Gbps full-duplex capacity and up to 4 Gbps of compressed traffic. By utilizing large and generally untapped frequency bands, the Harmony Eband provides a cost-effective alternative to other, more congested (23 – 38 GHz), microwave frequencies for path distances up to 8 km.  System reach is industry leading with high output power, multiple-input/multiple output (MIMO) capability, and adaptive modulation and waveform techniques providing much greater reach than traditional Eband systems. Using an ultra-low delay mode and Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI), Harmony Eband is an ideal solution for high-capacity fronthaul applications.

Solution Highlights:

  • Longest Reach E-Band System
  • High availability and reliability
  • Industry-leading capacity and spectral efficiency
  • Ideal solution for high-capacity fronthaul applications
  • Adaptive modulation
  • Interference-free operation
  • Advanced security
  • Seamless support for TDM and Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE)
  • Advanced Ethernet feature support
  • Multiple protection options

Key Benefits

  • Reduced CAPEX because fewer links are required per node;  this results in as little as 25% of the CAPEX requirement at maximum capacity when compared to a path using 6 GHz – 42 GHz
  • Reduced OPEX as a result of low-cost spectrum, low energy consumption and a small form factor
  • Increased network scalability enabled by 4+Gbps system throughput
  • Greater reach than traditional Eband systems thanks to dual-mode MIMO with integrated high-gain antenna and hitless adaptive modulation