Harmony Enhanced

Harmony Enhanced

4G – Ready Packet Microwave 6-42 GHz Radio


DragonWave® Harmony Enhanced is a high capacity, long reach, multi-service radio operating in the 6-42 GHz spectrum bands.  Harmony Enhanced is a merger of DragonWave’s Flagship Harmony Radio and Horizon Compact+ into a next-generation, ultra-high capacity microwave system. With its integrated switch, Harmony Enhanced delivers a true all-outdoor, Ethernet solution, providing full Carrier Ethernet services directly from the radio.

Harmony Enhanced is a compact, all-outdoor radio that allows operators to cost effectively scale their networks with the industry’s leading system gain, highest spectral efficiency and increased capacity that is enabled through 112 MHz channel support, 4096QAM capability, Bandwidth Accelerator+ and MIMO.  These capabilities allow Harmony Enhanced to deliver >2 Gbps in a single radio, with scalability via MIMO to 4 Gbps in a single channel.   Bandwidth Accelerator+ provides >2 times throughput improvements with the inclusion of header optimization and the industry’s only bulk compression working in tandem.

The Harmony Enhanced also provides the highest output power in an all-outdoor microwave system, the Harmony Enhanced leverages GaN technology to increase reach by >30%.  Additionally, integrated Ethernet switching with WRED queuing, E-LINE and E-LAN support and upgradability to MPLS-TP, enables a true all-outdoor installation without the need for an additional access switch.

The combination of high spectral efficiency and high gain radio enables Operators to cost effectively grow their networks through minimizing spectrum fees and reducing the antenna footprint.

Solution Highlights

  • Ultra high power radio option with up to 35dBm of transmit power
  • MIMO ready hardware supporting up to 4 Gbps capacity with DragonWave bandwidth Accelerator+, providing header and bulk compression
  • Wide channel support up to 112 MHz
  • Up to 4096QAM modulation support
  • SyncE support and 1588V2 Transparent Clock
  • Ethernet switching and MPLS_TD ready
  • Comprehensive Ether OAM support (802.3ah, 802.1ag,Y.1731) and MEF services
  • Comprehensive management and provisioning with NetViewer NMS




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